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Richard Davis – Tandem Horror 2

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

Richard Davis (ed) – Tandem Horror 2 (Tandem, 1968)



Angus James – Working for Miss Arethusa
Robin Smyth – The Dooley Street Centre Forward
J. Ramsey Campbell – Reply Guaranteed
Rosemary Timperley – Ice in Their Laughter
Julia Birley – Dead on His Feet
Walter Harris – The Forgiver
Simon Pilkington – The Inheritance
Elizabeth Fancett – I’m Not Mad Yet
D. E. Piper – From Our Special Correspondent
J. Ramsey Campbell – The Stocking
Richard Davis – The Lady by the Stream
Rosemary Timperley – Voices in the Night
Michel Parry – The Last Bus

Thanks to Steve and Charles Black for providing the cover scan and details for this one.

And thanks to D. F. Lewis for giving me his copy!

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Richard Davis – Tandem Horror 3

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

Richard Davis (ed) – Tandem Horror 3: Haunting Tales Of Unseen Terrors (Tandem, 1969)



The raw material of horror is everyday life. Who would admit to being frightened by the age-old clanking of the fettered ghost — but what made the window curtains shiver on a windless night?
And the face in the mirror; you see it several times a day, and it smiles when you smile, and frowns when you frown — but if one day it remained expressionless, whose reflection would it be?
Here is a collection of spine-creeping tales to make you look warily over your shoulder.

Introduction – Richard Davis
Dennis Piper – The Snowman
John Burke – The Tourists
Rosemary Timperley – What Happened To Sally?
Richard Davis – The Sick Room
Ramsey Campbell – Cyril
Julia Birley – Sawdust Caeser
David Campton – Alderman Stratton’s Fancy
Audrey Johnson – Takeover Bid
Elizabeth M. Fancett – Museum Piece

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Alan Hull Walton – The Open Grave

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Alan Hull Walton (ed.) – The Open Grave (Neville Spearman, 1969, Tandem, 1971)



Not exactly “Satanic” bar the first entry (which is actually taken from Huysmans La Bas and therefore, is probably not entirely factual), I figured I’d add it here purely on the strength of that glorious cover shot. The book itself is a challenging mixture of true-life incidents, folklore, demonology and the odd Victorian Ghost story (A Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter, Chantry Manor House). For the record:

Alan Hull Walton – Preface

What Happens At A Black Mass? The Black Mass At The Ursulines
The Elemental Of Dalcoran
The Demons Of Sex: Sinistrari’s Demonialitate
The Unseen World And The Famous
* The Spirit Persecution Of Huysmans
* Experiences Of Eckermann: Goethe And His Psychic Faculty
* De Quincy’s Tale Of Miss Smith
* Lord Castlereagh And The ‘Radient Boy’
* A Curious Memorandum Found Among The Papers Of M. de la Harpe: Cazotte’s Uncanny Prophecy
* Zschokke And His Occult Vision
* Jung And Other Celebrated Experients
Brook House And The Haunted No. 8
Friendly Manifestations
* The Appearance Of Havelock Ellis To Francoise Delisle
* Father Weber
* King George V’s Chaplain And His Dog
* A Friendly Ghost In A University Town
* The Northamptonshire Servant
* Dalrymple And The Tramp
* The Luminous Nun
* The Lilly Family Saved From Death
* The Canadian Priest
* The Dog On The Beach
Experiences Of Lewis Hastings And Beverley Nichols
Anon – Chantry Manor House
Ars And Epworth: Poltergeists And Other Peculiarities
The Author And A Haunted House – Or Why Do People Live In Them?
J. S. Le Fanu – A Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter
Animal Ghosts, Familiars And An Epilogue:
* The Spectral Horse Of The Indian Hills
* A Tale Of The African Bush
* Foster’s Ghastly Ride
* Ghost Dogs
* The Hell-Horse
* Familiar Spirits
* Prince Valori And His Familiar
* The Venerable Sumangalo And A Magical Materialism
* Tulpas, Or Man Made GhostsThe Canadian Priest
* Epilogue: Joad And Stear On Psychic Research And Occultism

Walton also translated an edition of De Sade’s Justine: Or The Misfortunes Of Virtue (Neville Spearman, 1964; Corgi, 1965), toning down the obscenities but highlighting the gothic horror elements. It’s brilliant!

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Charles Birkin (ed.) – Tandem Book Of Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Charles Birkin (ed.) – The Tandem Book Of Ghost Stories (Tandem, 1965)


 Here in this superb collection are weird and uncanny stories to suit every mood. Certain to chill and curdle your blood, to thrill you and send you uneasily to bed shivering with apprehension and foreboding when you turn the light out.

Here are some of the authors who wish you many sleepless nights …


M. F. K. Fisher – The Lost, Strayed, Stolen
Shamus Frazer – Florinda
Edith Oliver – Dead Men’s Bones
H. R. Wakefield – The Third Coach
P. M. Hubbard – Last Time Lucky
Marguerite Steen – Cold In The Night
Charles Birkin – Zara And Zita
Flavia Richardson – Out Of The Earth
E. M. Delafield – Sophy Mason Comes Back
Arthur Mayse – The Haunted Dancers
Shamus Frazer – The Yew Tree
Lady Eleanor Smith – No Ships Pass

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Charles Birkin (ed.) – Tandem Book Of Horror

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Charles Birkin (ed.) – The Tandem Book Of Horror Stories (Tandem, 1965)


Dormer Cordaianthus!

Here in this new volume of horror stories is an expertly chosen collection designed to chill the marrow, and quicken the pulse!
With nothing more than the sound of your thumping heart, you are invited to an appointment with all of the manifestations of evil. Here you will find fear-instilling tales of the Sinister and the Beastly … of the Macabre and Unimaginable Devilry … their themes ranging from Black Magic, Murder and Menace to Death and Disaster. Some of the delights guaranteed for your after enjoyment are nightmares … strange noises in the night … sudden draughts of cold air … you have been warned.
These are some of the story-tellers assembled for your uneasy pleasure .. .


Francis King – The Puppets
H. R. Wakefield – Old Man’s Beard
Shamus Frazer – The Cyclops Juju
A. E. Coppard – Arabesque: The Mouse
Guy Preston – Thirty
Charles Birkin – The Medicine Cupboard
Hester Holland – Dormer Cordaianthus
R. Anthony – The Witch-Baiter
George Langelaan – Cold Blood
Shamus Frazer – The Fifth Mask
John Betjeman – Lord Mount Prospect

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