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Harrison James – Abduction

Posted by demonik on July 24, 2017

Harrison James – Abduction (Tandem, 1975: originally Grove Press, USA, 1974)


Most events can only be told after …
This event was told before!

Abduction is fiction before fact. Patty Hearst was abducted, seduced, brainwashed, and induced to commit criminal acts. But these events were strikingly paralleled in the plot of this novel, published two years before the Hearst kidnap! Now Abduction, with its interracial ideological story of sexual terror, has been filmed, and again prompts the question : was it coincidence, imitation, or intention?


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Jules Michelet – Satanism And Witchcraf

Posted by demonik on September 1, 2012

Jules Michelet – Satanism And Witchcraft (Tandem 1965)

This was the age of fear and superstition when witchcraft became the great force in people’s lives.
The age of the Black Mass, the reign of Satan, the weird rites of the damned….
The age of luxury beyond imagination, unbridled sensuality, and unendurable squalor….
The age of torture, summary decapitation and the brand of witch on any young girl who could’ not survive the tests of immersion in water and boiling oil….
The age of potions, poisons, incantations, winds and spells, of feudal barons and the serf whose bride dare not fail to show favour to the overlord.
The age of Intolerance, the Inquisition and the Ordeal by Fire …
This superb re-creation is the most brilliant book of its kind ever written about the Age of Darkness.

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Peter Haining – The Anatomy Of Witchcraft

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

Peter Haining – The Anatomy Of Witchcraft (Tandem, 1974)

Anatomy Of Witchcraft

Satanism, White Magic, Voodoo: the ancient rituals are alive today.

Witchcraft in Britain
Appendix I: The Initiation of a Witch
Appendix II: Ritual Magic
The Growth of Black Magic
The Witches of America
Evil on the Coast
Appendix: The Satanic Ritual
The Ancient Craft in Europe
Witchcraft Behind the Iron Curtain
Voodoo – Black Witchcraft
Appendix: The Voodoo Blood Sacrifice
The Rest of the World

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for posting the details and coverscan on Vault of Evil

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Ronald Holmes – Witchcraft In British History

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

Ronald B. Holmes – Witchcraft In British History: The Manipulation Of Mankind’s Primitive Terrors And Superstitions (Tandem, 1976: Muller 1974)


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Ornella Volta – The Vampire

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

Ornella Volta – The Vampire (Tandem, 1965)


Do Vampires exist?

The interest in these macabre and horrific creatures of legend has increased in recent years and numerous books have been written and films made about them.

Ornella Volta’s book, which won this year’s Dracula prize, awarded in Paris, is without question the most brilliant and penetrating of all these books concerned with death, eroticism and blood of which vampirism is the symbol.

She traces their origins from detailed accounts found in Central and Eastern Europe, and particularly the basic source discovered in the forbidding Tarla mountains, and provides some terrifying facts which have furthered recent developments in the field of sexology and psycho-pathology.

This subject has fascinated people for centuries and one is left with. the disturbing question:

Is the Vampire myth or reality?

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Alan Hull Walton – The Open Grave

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Alan Hull Walton (ed.) – The Open Grave (Neville Spearman, 1969, Tandem, 1971)



Not exactly “Satanic” bar the first entry (which is actually taken from Huysmans La Bas and therefore, is probably not entirely factual), I figured I’d add it here purely on the strength of that glorious cover shot. The book itself is a challenging mixture of true-life incidents, folklore, demonology and the odd Victorian Ghost story (A Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter, Chantry Manor House). For the record:

Alan Hull Walton – Preface

What Happens At A Black Mass? The Black Mass At The Ursulines
The Elemental Of Dalcoran
The Demons Of Sex: Sinistrari’s Demonialitate
The Unseen World And The Famous
* The Spirit Persecution Of Huysmans
* Experiences Of Eckermann: Goethe And His Psychic Faculty
* De Quincy’s Tale Of Miss Smith
* Lord Castlereagh And The ‘Radient Boy’
* A Curious Memorandum Found Among The Papers Of M. de la Harpe: Cazotte’s Uncanny Prophecy
* Zschokke And His Occult Vision
* Jung And Other Celebrated Experients
Brook House And The Haunted No. 8
Friendly Manifestations
* The Appearance Of Havelock Ellis To Francoise Delisle
* Father Weber
* King George V’s Chaplain And His Dog
* A Friendly Ghost In A University Town
* The Northamptonshire Servant
* Dalrymple And The Tramp
* The Luminous Nun
* The Lilly Family Saved From Death
* The Canadian Priest
* The Dog On The Beach
Experiences Of Lewis Hastings And Beverley Nichols
Anon – Chantry Manor House
Ars And Epworth: Poltergeists And Other Peculiarities
The Author And A Haunted House – Or Why Do People Live In Them?
J. S. Le Fanu – A Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter
Animal Ghosts, Familiars And An Epilogue:
* The Spectral Horse Of The Indian Hills
* A Tale Of The African Bush
* Foster’s Ghastly Ride
* Ghost Dogs
* The Hell-Horse
* Familiar Spirits
* Prince Valori And His Familiar
* The Venerable Sumangalo And A Magical Materialism
* Tulpas, Or Man Made GhostsThe Canadian Priest
* Epilogue: Joad And Stear On Psychic Research And Occultism

Walton also translated an edition of De Sade’s Justine: Or The Misfortunes Of Virtue (Neville Spearman, 1964; Corgi, 1965), toning down the obscenities but highlighting the gothic horror elements. It’s brilliant!

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Aleister Crowley-The Complete Astrological Writings

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

John Symonds & Kenneth Grant – Aleister Crowley: The Complete Astrological Writings (Tandem, 1976)

“The TREATISE ON ASTROLOGY which comprises a masterly introduction to the subject and exhaustive accounts of Neptune and Uranus, is supplemented by two shorter works, one serious – BATRACHOPHRENOBOOCOSMOMACHIA – the other a piece of Crowleian pastiche entitled HOW HOROSCOPES ARE FAKED.”

May prove a challenge too far for those of us who’ve struggled with Dracula & The Virgins Of The Undead and/ or The Wood

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