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Jessie Douglas Kerruish – The Undying Monster

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

Jessie Douglas Kerruish – The Undying Monster (Tandem, 1975)


“Devil or ghoul, the bane of Hammand would have it’s victim”

Isn’t that the most spine-chilling cover you’ve ever seen?

Dannow on the Suffolk Downs: For generations the Hammand family have laboured under a curse, apparently due to an evil ancestor who sold his soul to Satan. To make matters worse, they’re plagued by a werewolf who does for most of them, either rending their bodies or driving them to suicide. Now London-based Miss Luna Bartendale, a psychic detective, is called in by the present owners to see if she can prevent their doom at the fangs and claws of the monster.

First published by Heath & Cranton in 1922 and successfully filmed by 20th Century Fox two decades later, Tandem released this paperback version for no apparent reason I can fathom in 1975.

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