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Tandem Horror & Witchcraft paperbacks 1964-1975

Jules Michelet – Satanism And Witchcraf

Posted by demonik on September 1, 2012

Jules Michelet – Satanism And Witchcraft (Tandem 1965)

This was the age of fear and superstition when witchcraft became the great force in people’s lives.
The age of the Black Mass, the reign of Satan, the weird rites of the damned….
The age of luxury beyond imagination, unbridled sensuality, and unendurable squalor….
The age of torture, summary decapitation and the brand of witch on any young girl who could’ not survive the tests of immersion in water and boiling oil….
The age of potions, poisons, incantations, winds and spells, of feudal barons and the serf whose bride dare not fail to show favour to the overlord.
The age of Intolerance, the Inquisition and the Ordeal by Fire …
This superb re-creation is the most brilliant book of its kind ever written about the Age of Darkness.

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