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Tony Blackburn – A Laugh In Every Pocket

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

Tony Blackburn – A Laugh In Every Pocket (Tandem, 1975)



Tony Blackburn breaks the fun barrier with a chart-topping album of putrid jokes and funtastic humour. A must for all three-legged pedestrians, essential to any self-respecting collector of glass eyes, compulsive reading for dachshund owners, and guarenteed to get your ears vibrating, your eyeballs rotating and your brain cells bubbling. Can you live without a copy?

“Tony Blackburn’s jokes are like prunes — they keep you laughing regularly. ” – Ed Stewart
“The finest thing of his kind since his Life of Grampworth, but lacks an Index. ” – Terry Wogan
“A sensation! Never to be repeated ” – Tony Blackburn’s Mother.
“Dear Tony, if you were going to steal gags why didn’t you steal any good ones?” – Kenny Everett

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