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Ralph Comer – The Mirror Of Dionysos

Posted by demonik on October 19, 2011

Ralph Comer – The Mirror Of Dionysos   (Tandem, 1969: USA as To Dream Of Evil, Award, 1969)



The flicker of moonlight in the mirror was hypnotic, and a sudden wave of nausea swept over him. The mirror changed to a kaleidoscope of whirling colours, swelled to a vortex into which he felt himself failing …..

He stood on the sand, and a faint moon lit the arena with a gloomy radiance. The beginnings of fear caressed the nape of his neck as he recognised the cause of the elongated shadow in the middle distance. With an infinitely painful and shuffling gait, the shadow — man or animal, he could not tell — ambled across the sand towards him. Every fibre of his body, every nerve and sinew, willed themselves to flee from the stumbling horror, which, as it closed on him, raised its mutilated head and called out a travesty of his name.

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Ralph Martin – The Man Who Haunted Himself

Posted by demonik on October 19, 2011

Ralph Martin – The Man Who Haunted Himself   (Tandem, 1970)



Popular and successful, happily married, all his ambitions achieved …
So why did his wife doubt his faithfulness?
Why was his best friend sure he had something to hide?
Why did his colleagues suspect him of double-dealing?
Who -or what -was trying to wreck his life?
Associated British Productions presents
Roger Moore in Michael Relph and Basil Dearden’s film
also starring Olga Georges-Picot
and introducing Hildegard Neil

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