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R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Unbidden

Posted by demonik on July 24, 2017

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Unbidden (Tandem, 1971: Pyramid, 1975)

Chris Achilleos

No One Lived There
Why Don’t You Wash? Said The Girl With £100,000 And No Relatives
Don’t Go Up Them Stairs
The Gatecrasher
A Family Welcome
Crowning Glory
The Devilet
Come To Me My Flower
The Playmate
Pussy Cat – Pussy Cat
A Penny For A Pound
The Head Of The Firm
The Treasure Hunt
The Death Of Me
Tomorrow Is Judgement Day
The House

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Harrison James – Abduction

Posted by demonik on July 24, 2017

Harrison James – Abduction (Tandem, 1975: originally Grove Press, USA, 1974)


Most events can only be told after …
This event was told before!

Abduction is fiction before fact. Patty Hearst was abducted, seduced, brainwashed, and induced to commit criminal acts. But these events were strikingly paralleled in the plot of this novel, published two years before the Hearst kidnap! Now Abduction, with its interracial ideological story of sexual terror, has been filmed, and again prompts the question : was it coincidence, imitation, or intention?


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