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William Hope Hodgson – Carnacki The Ghostfinder

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

William Hope Hodgson – The Complete Stories Of Carnacki The Ghostfinder (Tandem, 1974)



The Thing Invisible, The Gateway Of The Monsters, The House Among The Laurels, The Whistling Room, The Searcher Of The End House, The Horse Of The Invisible, The Haunted Jarvee, The Find, The Hog.

“Carnacki The Ghostfinder”, though recognised as a classic of weird fiction, has for years been an extremely rare book. The first edition was published in 1910 and contained just six stories. After William Hope Hodgson’s death three more Carnacki stories were discovered and here, for the first time in paperback in Britain, is the Complete Carnacki.

I’m not the person to comment on these as it’s been years since I read this and the verdict was I by far prefer Hodgson’s non-Carnacki output, notably The Derelict, The Voice In The Night and the novels The House On The Borderland and The Ghost Pirates.

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