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Alan Hull Walton – The Open Grave

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Alan Hull Walton (ed.) – The Open Grave (Neville Spearman, 1969, Tandem, 1971)



Not exactly “Satanic” bar the first entry (which is actually taken from Huysmans La Bas and therefore, is probably not entirely factual), I figured I’d add it here purely on the strength of that glorious cover shot. The book itself is a challenging mixture of true-life incidents, folklore, demonology and the odd Victorian Ghost story (A Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter, Chantry Manor House). For the record:

Alan Hull Walton – Preface

What Happens At A Black Mass? The Black Mass At The Ursulines
The Elemental Of Dalcoran
The Demons Of Sex: Sinistrari’s Demonialitate
The Unseen World And The Famous
* The Spirit Persecution Of Huysmans
* Experiences Of Eckermann: Goethe And His Psychic Faculty
* De Quincy’s Tale Of Miss Smith
* Lord Castlereagh And The ‘Radient Boy’
* A Curious Memorandum Found Among The Papers Of M. de la Harpe: Cazotte’s Uncanny Prophecy
* Zschokke And His Occult Vision
* Jung And Other Celebrated Experients
Brook House And The Haunted No. 8
Friendly Manifestations
* The Appearance Of Havelock Ellis To Francoise Delisle
* Father Weber
* King George V’s Chaplain And His Dog
* A Friendly Ghost In A University Town
* The Northamptonshire Servant
* Dalrymple And The Tramp
* The Luminous Nun
* The Lilly Family Saved From Death
* The Canadian Priest
* The Dog On The Beach
Experiences Of Lewis Hastings And Beverley Nichols
Anon – Chantry Manor House
Ars And Epworth: Poltergeists And Other Peculiarities
The Author And A Haunted House – Or Why Do People Live In Them?
J. S. Le Fanu – A Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter
Animal Ghosts, Familiars And An Epilogue:
* The Spectral Horse Of The Indian Hills
* A Tale Of The African Bush
* Foster’s Ghastly Ride
* Ghost Dogs
* The Hell-Horse
* Familiar Spirits
* Prince Valori And His Familiar
* The Venerable Sumangalo And A Magical Materialism
* Tulpas, Or Man Made GhostsThe Canadian Priest
* Epilogue: Joad And Stear On Psychic Research And Occultism

Walton also translated an edition of De Sade’s Justine: Or The Misfortunes Of Virtue (Neville Spearman, 1964; Corgi, 1965), toning down the obscenities but highlighting the gothic horror elements. It’s brilliant!

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