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Tandem Horror & Witchcraft paperbacks 1964-1975

Charles Birkin (ed.) – Tandem Book Of Horror

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Charles Birkin (ed.) – The Tandem Book Of Horror Stories (Tandem, 1965)


Dormer Cordaianthus!

Here in this new volume of horror stories is an expertly chosen collection designed to chill the marrow, and quicken the pulse!
With nothing more than the sound of your thumping heart, you are invited to an appointment with all of the manifestations of evil. Here you will find fear-instilling tales of the Sinister and the Beastly … of the Macabre and Unimaginable Devilry … their themes ranging from Black Magic, Murder and Menace to Death and Disaster. Some of the delights guaranteed for your after enjoyment are nightmares … strange noises in the night … sudden draughts of cold air … you have been warned.
These are some of the story-tellers assembled for your uneasy pleasure .. .


Francis King – The Puppets
H. R. Wakefield – Old Man’s Beard
Shamus Frazer – The Cyclops Juju
A. E. Coppard – Arabesque: The Mouse
Guy Preston – Thirty
Charles Birkin – The Medicine Cupboard
Hester Holland – Dormer Cordaianthus
R. Anthony – The Witch-Baiter
George Langelaan – Cold Blood
Shamus Frazer – The Fifth Mask
John Betjeman – Lord Mount Prospect

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