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Tandem Horror & Witchcraft paperbacks 1964-1975

Charles Birkin – So Pale, So Cold, So Fair

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Charles Birkin – So Pale, So Cold, So Fair (Tandem, 1970)


“So Pale, So Cold, So Fair”, The Godsend, Rover, Circle Of Children, Lot’s Wife, Gideon, The Road, A Haunting Beauty, Lords Of The Refuge.

For my wife, Janet, who is allergic to all ‘unpleasantness’

A Haunting Beauty: Paris. After ending his passionate affair with celebrated dancer Jaqueline Jerot, fabulously wealthy Eugene de Coulieure announces his engagement to a young American beauty, Shirley Stewart. M. Jerot decides the wedding cannot go ahead and, having befriended the girl, deliberately drives their car off the road, throwing herself free at the last moment. As luck would have it, Shirley is thrown onto the path of a train with her head lying just so across the track …
Eugene, deeply suspicious of Jaqueline’s culpability in the death of the only woman he’s ever loved, still refuses to reunite with her. So our heroine goes for all out nasty to hurt him as much as he has her.

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